World Biogas Association and CTCN Panel

World Biogas Association  and CTCN Panel

The biogas industry is growing rapidly worldwide, which presents exciting new opportunities to grasp as well as challenges to explore and overcome together. The World Biogas Summit (WBA) will address key aspects of the role of the biogas industry in the green recovery. The agenda includes the following panel sessions:

  • Financing a Sustainable Future with biogas at its heart
  • How to achieve the Net Zero Reality: AD in the city
  • Saving the world’s soils: digestate and soil health
  • North America and Canada: the huge potential of AD in the worlds’ second biggest energy market
  • Food Waste collections across the World: The untapped potential
  • Biogas in the Global South

Panel: Biogas in the Global South, presented by WBA and CTCN

14:00-16:00 CEST, 8 October 2020

The Climate Technology and Climate Network is hosted by UNEP and UNIDO and works on helping low to middle income countries and its members with technical assistance, information exchange and networking in the field of technology-related climate change actions. Among the technology the CTCN offers support on are agriculture and forestry, water and waste management, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

This session will look at biogas installations suitable for developing countries and will include presentations from WBA members with experience in building and operating biogas plants in economically less developed nations. They will present the projects they have built and explain the challenges overcome and the successes achieved.

To register for this event, please register for The World Biogas Summit 6-8 October, and book this session. Registration is free: https://expoware.io/world-biogas-summit


Source: https://bit.ly/36D6vD4

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