Oil & Gas Industry Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Oil & Gas Sector:

1)      Improvement of Fuel gas systems, Heaters, Boilers

  • Recuperative and Regenerative Burners
  • Flameless (Mild, HICOT, HITAC, FLOX) Combustion Technology
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis system
  • Efficient Technologies for Improving steam systems Performance
  • 1)      CHP & CCHP
    • Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers
    • Advanced Prime Movers (Gas Engines, Stirling Engines, Micro Turbines and etc.)
    • Automatic System Controller
    • Heat Recover Steam Generator(HRSG)

    2)      Oil and Gas Refinery Improvement

    • Advanced dehydration/desalting Technologies
    • Improvement of fired heater efficiency
    • Fuel upgrading
    • Total site heat integration
    • Conversion of condensing turbine drive to electric motor drive catalytic cracking unit
    • Improvement of pre-heater efficiency hydro treating process
    • Utilisation of advanced separation technology
    • Gasification of Oil Refinery Waste for Power and Hydrogen Production
    • Waste oil and Tail Gas Incinerators
    • 1)      Carbon Capture and Storage2)      Flare Gas Recovery3)      Reduction of Oil and Gas Leakage

      4)      Energy Conservation in Transmission and Distribution

      • Turbo Expander Technology
      • High efficient Turbo machinery
      • Mini LNG production units
      • Robotics Inspection System

      5)      Process Integration

      • Process Integration Software
      • Energy, water and process technologies integration