Residential Commercial Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Residential Commercial Sector:

1)      Solar Water Heater for Residential and Commercial

  •          Thermoelectric Materials
  •          Durable Collectors
  •          Vacuum Tub
  •          Heat Pipe Technology


2)      Heating and Ventilation System Efficiency

  •          High Quality Reusable Filters
  •          Energy Recover Ventilators (ERVs)
  •          Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems
  •          Low Leakage Damper

3)      Building Design and Lighting

  •          LED Lighting
  •          Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
  •          Advanced Materials in Buildings
  •          Passive Houses and Net Zero Energy Building

4)      CHP & CCHP

  •          Micro CHP Units for Buildings
  •          Low Sound Level Systems

5)      Photo Voltaic

  •          High Efficient Panels (more than 20%)
  •          Durable Panels (Between 20 to 25 years, with a production rate of more than 85% of the initial nominal power)

6)      Technologies to Produce “A “level Energy Label Home Appliances

7)      District Heating & Cooling (DHC)

  •          Efficient Heat Pumps (Gas & Electric- GHP&EHP)
  •          Shut-off valves (solenoid valves)

8)      Direct Geothermal Energy for Building

  •          Advanced Heat Pumps
  •          Advanced Well Drilling Systems


9)      Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

  •          Energy Analytics for Buildings
  •          Hardware System Components and Related Sensors


10)  Smart Grid

  •          Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI): Smart Meter
  •          Grid Management and Analytics Platform Software


11)  Biomass and Biogas Technology Systems

  •          Gas Engine with smaller carbon footprint
  •          The Second and 3rd generation of bio-fuels and biomass gasification


12)  Solar Cooling System

  •          Advanced Desiccant Evaporative Cooling Cycle