Transportation Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Transportation Sector:

1)      Urban Rail Road

  •          Timetable optimization to maximize energy interchange between rail vehicles
  •          Regenerative braking technologies

i) Energy Storage Systems (ESSs): (On-board and trackside)

  •          Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs)
  •          Composite Flywheels
  •          Li-ion and NiMH batteries

ii) Reversible substations: Include inverters that enable a bidirectional power flow in DC networks

2)      Related E-Commerce Technology in Transportation

3)      Traditional Internal Combustion Engine Improvement

4)      CNG Vehicles

  •          Improving storage tanks for excellence in efficiency, safety and durability

5)      Traffic Management

  •          Real Time Traffic and Travel Information System
  •          Traffic and Travel Data Base System
  •          Automatic Toll Pay(Electronic Road Tolling)
  •          Road Data Digital Map System


6)      Bus Rapid Transit(BRT)

7)      Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS)

  •          Intelligent Transportation Systems Services
  •          Advance Driver Assistance System
  •          Establishment of e-call System

8)      Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

9)      Technologies for Manufacturing Electrical and Fuel Cell Vehicles

10)  Aerodynamic Improvement of Vehicle Manufacturing

11)  Technology for Development of New Materials and Reduction of Vehicle’s Weigh