Industry Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Industry Sector:

1)      Recovery of Gases and Heat Integration of the Shaft Furnaces and Basic Oxygen Furnaces

2)      Recuperative and Regenerative Burners for Iron & Steel Industry

3)      Fuel Switching Systems

4)      Optimization Coking Unit

  •          Coker Advance Process Control
  •          Optimization of Delayed Cooker Operation System
  •          Energy efficient drives in the rolling mill
  •          Process control in hot strip mill
  •          Recuperative and regenerative burners
  •           Controlling oxygen levels and/or variable speed drives on combustion air fans

5)      Adoption of Efficient Technologies and Methods for Finishing the Final Crude Steel Product

6)      Substituting Rotary Kilns to  Preheaters and Pre-Calciners

7)      Pre Heating Systems for Combustion Unit

8)      Improved Process Control: Oxygen Monitor and Intake Air Flow Monitor Systems

9)      Catalytic Reduction Unit for N2O Removal

10)  Electric motor system efficiency

  •          Adjustable speed drives

11)  Heat Integration Systems

12)  Improvement of catalyst efficiency hydro treating process

13)  CHP

  •          Frame 6C Gas Turbine under 100MW for Industry

14)  Introduce Efficient Milling and Grinding Equipment

15)  Adoption of Best Practice Reactor Designs and Processes with Best Practice Heat Integration and Energy Recovery

16)  Adding Recycling Systems Technology in Production Line

17)  Feed Management in Aluminium Industries

18)  Carbon Capture and Storage

19)  Design and Development of Novel Membrane Separation Technologies