Human Health Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Human Health Sector:

1)      Technology to Monitor Water Quality (Organic and Mineral)

2)      Technology to Detect and Monitor Food Quality

  •    Metal Oxide Sensors to Detect Freshness of Food
  •    Optical biosensors for food quality

3)      Personal Protective Mask for Using in Ambient Air pollutions

4)      Indoor Air Pollution Purification Instruments, Specially for Particulates Maters and VOC’s

  •    Particulate Matter Air Filter
  •    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

5)      Technology to Monitor Pollen and Biological Particles at Air Monitoring Stations

  •    Wet Walled Cyclonic Instrument (Coriolis µ)

6)      Provision of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation

  •    Infrastructural provisions (e.g. borehole)

a)      New Drilling Technologies


7)      New Born Diseases Vaccine Production

8)      Technology to detect/prevent/contain and control of occupational health diseases, cooling health facilities and supportive shield

  •    Advanced Technology solar cooler and heat pump for providing healthy and good work condition, facilities and supportive shield of health workers

9)      Flood Proof Drinking Water Wells

10)  Nano Technology

  •     Quantum dots, Nano sized semiconductors that can be used as biosensors to find disease
  •    Nano-drug delivery systems

a)      Nano-capsules

b)      Liposomes

c)      Nano-biomagnets

d)     Fullerene ‘buckyball’ cages