Agriculture Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Agriculture Sector:

1)      Integrated Crop Management System

2)      Pressurized Irrigation Technologies

3)      Greenhouse Production

4)      Plant and Animal Breeding (Classic & Genetic)

5)      Integrated Watershed Management System

6)      Floating Agriculture

7)      Conservation Agriculture Technology

8)      Improved livestock Feed

  •    Using feed additives
  •    condensed tannins, saponins, essential oils
  •    Rumen Modifier
  •    commercial active dried yeast products including a new product selected on its ability to improve fibre digestion in the rumen

9)      Nano and Biotechnologies

  •    Nano-Enabled Membranes
  •    Production of hydrophobic Sand

10)  Laser land leveling

11)  Fungal Symbionts

12)      Smart Temperature sensor for Livestock