Water Resources Sector

Prioritization of the Technology Needs in Water Resources Sector:

1)      Wastewater Treatment

  •    Grinder pumps
  •    Septic tank effluent filters
  •    Chlorination devices
  •    UV disinfection devices

2)      Desalination

  •    Desalination device powered by renewable energy
  •    Membrane technologies

a)         Reverse osmosis (RO)

b)         Forward osmosis (FO)

c)         Electro dialysis (ED)

  •    Thermal Technologies

a)         Solar distillation

b)         Multistage flash (MSF)

c)         Multi-effect distillations (MED, sometimes called multi-effect evaporation or MEE)

  •    Seawater Packaged Desalination

3)      Interbasin Water Transfer

4)      Point Of Use Water Treatment

5)      Water Loss Reduction

  •    Accurate sonic leak-detection equipment

a)      Pinpoint listening devices

b)      Geophones

  •    Correlator devices
  •    Pipe intrusive acoustics

6)      Artificial Aquifer Recharge

7)      Water Demand Reduction

  •    Drought Tolerant Plants and Trees
  •    High Efficient Dish Washers
  •    High Quality Toilet Flush Valves

8)      Rainwater Harvesting

9)      Surface-Water Storage

10)  Storm-water Management and Bioswales

11)  Non-structural Barriers to Flooding

12)  Structural Barriers to Flooding

13)  Accommodation of Flooding